How a positive mindset will help you reach your weight loss goals

By Ilse de Graaf

In The POWER Method the W stands for Winner’s Mentality (& Willpower), both are vital components to reaching your weight loss goals. In this blog post we are exploring the power of a positive mindset and how this can affect your everyday life.



The power of a positive mind is endless, you don’t become a winner by thinking you’re a loser. Everyone feels negative once and while, especially when you’re stuck in a cycle of negative habits, it can make you feel like EVERYTHING is impossible and that EVERYONE is out to get you. Being negative is a huge waste of time and energy, dwelling on the little things will even stop you from enjoying the big things.

I very much believe that those who think positively will attract positive things – add that to your Weight Loss Ninja mantra! Positive people work on what they want and how they will accomplish it. They think in goals and solutions. This enriches your life and causes your brain to handle the situation creatively. And the beautiful thing is, you can exude this energy to other people in your environment!

Smiling is contagious
Smiling more has positive effects on not only you but others around you. Next time you’re on a bus or the train try it and you’ll notice other people around will start smiling too. It’s not just smiling that is contagious, other facial expressions such as frowning are contagious too – what would you rather spread to others? A BIG SMILE, that’s what I thought!

Be thankful for what you already have
A good task to add into your morning or evening routine is a gratitude list, the last thing I do before I go to bed is recite a gratitude list (you can also do this out loud or in your mind, whatever works for you). I am thankful for my partner of 8 years, I am thankful for my beautiful, happy and healthy daughter, I am thankful for our gorgeous home, I am thankful that I have a purpose in life, I am thankful that I am able to work from anywhere in the world, I am thankful for all the wonderful things that have happened today… the list goes on. Focusing on the things that you are grateful for can put things into perspective and make the negative seem trivial.

Surround yourself with positive energy
Like I mentioned above, there are negative and positive minded people out there. Negative people tend to attract other negative people, and positive people tend to attract other positive people. I’m by no means telling you go forth and exclude all the negative people (but it is definitely possible to exclude them!) from your life but what I am saying is that it is a good exercise to be aware of this. Be aware of who the negative people in your life are and be conscious about what time you are spending with them and what information you are sharing with them. For instance, is it a good idea to share your weight loss journey with a negative person? How would their negativity make you feel? Instead opt for sharing your story with the positive people in your life, they will reinforce your positivity and will be rooting for you to succeed – you are a winner after all!

Take something positive away from a bad experience
It can be extremely hard whilst in the moment to find something good about a bad situation, I mean we’ve all been there. Using the power of positive thinking you can use a bad experience to find out something new about yourself, to learn a lesson. Taking a negative and turning it into a positive means that you will be better armed for preventing that negative situation from happening again.

Don’t dwell on the negative, accept and overcome it
Negative thoughts can take a hold of a person for days or even weeks. When something negative happens you need to do three things, ask yourself if spending time thinking about it is going to change the outcome? If not, ACCEPT it and OVERCOME it. Your negative thoughts are not you but if you are not careful you will become your negative thoughts. You always have the choice how to react to a situation, even if it’s a negative thing. Try it & you’ll see how big of a difference it makes!

Help others to think more positively
By becoming a more positive person you can spread the power of positivity to everyone around you. Smile and say good morning to your neighbours, hold the door open for a work colleague, give a positive solution to a family members problem, send thank you cards to the ones you love and over time you will see those positive acts returned back to you.

Just think about how different the rest of your life would be if from now on you adopted a positive attitude! And no, I’m not saying that from now on there will be no more obstacles or problems in your life. But with a positive mindset and matching behavior, you’ll deal with those problems and obstacles (challenges! ;-)) in a different way. Remove the word “problem” from your dictionary and use the word “challenge” instead.


What’s your favourite inspirational quote? Let me know in the comments.

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Have a wonderful week Ninja.

xx Ilse

Founder & Coach
Weight Loss Ninja