The best strategy for weight loss

By Ilse de Graaf

You’ve decided to lose weight. And you want to go for it riiiiight now. And you also want the best strategy for weight loss, right?! So you’ve been searching the web on the best diets for weight loss, the best weight loss tips and quickest result diets out there. Because, I totally get it, you don’t want to lose time and you want your results as soon as possible! Well, the good news is, I hear you (and I’ve been there!!) so let me share some of my best advice for creating your best strategy for losing weight!



In this blog I will tell you more about your first step to a successful weight loss journey. And that first step is that you should make a PLAN! (No wonder that the first letter of my signature framework, the POWER method, stands for Plan ;-)). Because you’ll need to have a plan to get to where you’re going.

Let’s be honest: Have you ever been on vacation without knowing where to go? Have you packed your gear without knowing what you really need? If you know your vacation destination, then you know how to get there. Do you take a plane, a train, or a car? And what’s the weather like at your destination? What season is it? It’s essential to know these things. Otherwise, you don’t know whether to pack a ski suit or a summer dress!

But how?
No worries! I will explain everything about how to make a quality PLAN. Fact: You’ve decided that you want to lose weight. But that alone is not enough. We are going to make a plan, so you can get from A to B the proper way. Just like when you’re going on vacation. You wouldn’t just close the door behind you, saying “I’m going on a holiday.” Right?!

But when it comes to losing weight, that actually happens all the time. You say, “I want to lose weight.” But after that, you really have no idea which step to take. And then you’re left with hoping you succeed. Well, hoping is not going to do it for you! We need a plan. A roadmap showing the way to get from A to B. I’ll show you how!

When do you need to plan?
Do you have it? That feeling, deep inside, that nags you about something in your life that you
don’t like. Something that you want to change. Something that says you want to be in a different situation. Do you recognize that feeling telling you enough is enough? It’s a painful feeling. Which makes sense. If you were happy with the present situation, you wouldn’t want to change it. This rising feeling is really important, because as soon as it’s strong enough (and maybe also painful enough), then you’ve made a big step mentally. You really want to do something about it. You are sick of your present state. You don’t want this anymore – you want something else.

Your pain button!
This is what I call the pain button. It’s blinking red hot in your inner nuclear power plant. You clearly feel that change is needed, but you don’t know (yet!) how the h*ll to handle it.
How do you go about changing this unwanted situation into a desired image or feeling?

All you know for sure is, you want to change the situation very much! Your “why” is clear, even if you haven’t formulated it yet. Maybe it’s only coming from your subconscious at the moment, but still, it is your deeper motivation and inspiration.

You know something has to change and that you’re ready to do something about it. However,
these are two different things. There is a big difference between knowing something and doing something. Just like there is a big difference between wanting something and really being willing to do something about it.

So, is that pain button red hot, and are you willing to get to work? Then this is the moment to sit down and do it. Make a plan! A plan in which you describe your route from A to B. A plan you can stick to, just like that roadmap you need to reach your holiday destination.

Why it is important to plan
A coordinated effort will bring better results than if you’re just mucking about. That’s why a plan is crucial as your strategy for losing weight. With a decisive plan versus the “I’m-just-doing-something” mentality, you will make it easier for yourself to stick to your strategy and reach your goals.

Without a plan, you will never be able to reach your goals. Because then, there is no plan. It is like if you were to get into the car and start driving without knowing where to go. You will reach some crossroads, and then have to figure out whether you should go straight, left, right or maybe turn around, and go back to your starting point. Try, I dare you. Your car may even break down in the middle of the crossing… Whoops!

You have to plan because it will make you think about the situation and the destination involved. This way, you consciously create a new situation. It will no longer be just a vague concept in your head. Vague concepts tend to give vague results! Do you want that? No!
That’s why we make a plan consisting of goals and strategies. Together they form your plan of action.

And that says it all: plan of action. So, ACTION! Let’s go!
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If you fail to plan, you plan to fail.
Don’t let this happen to you.
But I’m sure you are here to kick some ass & make yourself proud.

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You’ve got this babe.
xx Ilse

Founder & Coach
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