How to determine your weight loss goals?

By Ilse de Graaf

You might be thinking: “How do I find my weight loss goals?” or “How do I determine my weight loss goals?”. Well, in this blog I’m going to teach you a nice, simple and effective exercise you can do to determine your weight loss goals.



In this blogpost I’m talking about why goalsetting for weight loss is so important and in this blogpost I teach you the best strategy for weight loss. I suggest you read those first before you dive into this blogpost.

** Allright, so you’ve read the blogposts I just mentioned, well done & welcome back! ** After this important ‘ninja theory’ it’s time for ACTION! Let’s work on your goals!

I tend to make choices based on my gut feeling. I’m really an emotional person. Are you the same, or not? Here’s an exercise that will help you learn to choose using your feelings.

It’s called: “In my ideal life..” Are you ready for it? Let’s go!

Sit comfortably and close your eyes. What would your ideal life look like? Oh hooooold on there! Not how things should look like according to “general standards”, but how YOU would want things to look.

Complete the following sentence: “In my ideal life I am/have/do …” (You can change “do” into a verb like “give”, “learn” or “work”.)

Write down everything that enters your mind. There are no good or bad answers. Write whatever your inner gut feeling tells you to write. How? Just write. Don’t think about it too much.

By that I mean don’t overthink it, as it will cause you to write down what you think are ‘the right answers’, e.g. something your inner circle, “the world” in general, or your best friend wants you to. We are not doing this for ‘them’, but for YOU. So, just write down what YOUR ideal life is going to look like.

And, this is incredibly important: Don’t think in limits, let your thoughts run free, and aim high. Don’t try to figure everything out when doing this exercise because it will limit you and you don’t want that. Remember, this exercise is about getting a clear answer on your ‘WHAT’, not about the ‘HOW’.

Do this exercise by yourself. Don’t brainstorm with someone else (after you’ve done the exercise you can of course, but only when you’ve finished!). Let the answers flow from your own heart. You can do this exercise in regards to any aspect of your life (relationship, career, finances, etc.). But in this case, focus on your health, mind(set) and weight loss goals. Let me give you a few examples.

• I feel confident about myself
• I will have a healthy body
• I will be able to cycle/run/walk/play with my children every day
• I will put myself first
• I will be a size 10
• I will workout/attend my favorite sports class three times a week
• I will feel good within my own skin
• I will be happy
• I will radiate
• I will be fit
• I will feel energetic
• I will work on my ideal self, and I will feel amazing about it!

This exercise will help you get a better insight into your desires. This way you can determine the goals that come with this ideal life much better. I’ve included the ‘ideal life’ worksheet in my FREE Kickoff Guide, get it HERE and get started right away after reading this blog!

Go ahead ninja,
I invite you to live your Best Life.
You’re totally worth it, that’s for sure!

xx Ilse

Founder & Coach
Weight Loss Ninja