Things  I  Love

salmon sashimi, being a mom, travelling and discovering new places and cultures, fine dining, making this world a better place by helping others & giving back, watching beautiful sunsets, personal development, palmtrees & coconuts, living the digital nomad lifestyle with my hubby Auke & our little cutiepie Sophía, photography, notebooks, champagne, beautiful interior design.

Once again, welcome to the world of Weight Loss Ninja! I’m so grateful to have you here and if you are just a bit like my old self, know that everything is possible as long as you are willing to go for it. Read more about my story below, I’m sure it will inspire you. xx Ilse

YES! I lost a lot of weight.

To be precise: 25 kg / 55 lbs. I used to be obese and unhappy with my body and how I looked.

But before you think I’m a fitness model now (like sooo many coaches out there are!), NOPE guess again!

I don’t have a sixpack (far from that!). I’m not wearing a size 6 (EU size 36). I’m not a #fitgirl working out 7 hours a week.

I’m ‘just a normal woman’ with curves, a size large and some cellulite on her legs.

But yes, I lost a lot of weight and made a successful lifestyle & mindset change. I enjoy working out a couple of times a week now. I have a normal & healthy eating pattern (and yes ice cream, wine and cheese every now and then are a part of that too!), something I couldn’t say before because my eating pattern was totally unbalanced because of all the diets I did before!

But by working on my MINDSET I was able to make those lifechanging changes concerning food & exercise. And because of making a mindset & lifestyle change this way I was able to change the label ‘obese’ into ‘healthy, happy and balanced’ again. #feelssooooooogood

With Weight Loss Ninja I teach others – like my old self – how to achieve a successful lifestyle & mindset change too and I think that’s the BEST JOB EVER! I’m sharing my whole story in my free Kickoff Guide which you can download below!