6 tips to break through a negative spiral

By Ilse de Graaf

Today I’m going to talk you through 6 tips to break through a negative spiral. We all go through this every now and then so I’m sure it’s useful for you to read. And especially when you’re just at the beginning of your weight loss journey (or maybe even before that), getting stuck in a negative spiral is a sh*tty situation to be in so let me help you get out of it!


Step 1: Find the cause

The feeling you get when you’ve lost your flow/mojo or whatever you want to call it isn’t nice at all. One thing leads to another and before you know it, you start to feel worse and worse. Sooo not cool! It can influence your work, your private life or both (after all, there is a lot of overlap). Briefly said, you have a problem! And what do we do with a problem? We solve it! 

There’s always a cause when you lose your mojo. To get back into your positive spiral it’s important to find out what’s causing the problem. Which situation or incident took place causing you to end up in your ‘no-flow’? What was the trigger? It will help to write some things down so put your feelings on paper.


Step 2: Take care of yourself

When you don’t feel all rainbows & unicorns, it’s all the more important to take care of yourself. Take a relaxing bath, read a fun or interesting book, listen to music you like, go shopping. In short; go do things that make you happy (no eating involved though!)! Also, focus mainly on the things that are positive and/or try to see the positive side of every situation. I understand it can be very difficult, especially when you’re not happy with yourself, so no biggie when you can’t. Just let go, don’t be too strict on yourself also having to do this! Take care of yourself first. Give yourself a freakin’ break. Reschedule some appointments and/or deadlines, put yourself first and take some well-deserved me-time!


Step 3: Talk about it!

Talking about your ‘present situation’ helps! Talk to a friend or a close colleague or business partner about your sorrows and/or frustrations, have a tea party with your mother and/or talk about it with your loved one. Expressing your feelings and the actual talking about it enlightens you, just as writing them down does! The advantage of talking to someone from your ‘inner circle’ is that they can be a soundboard for you and so can help you find a solution. And that brings me to my next tip……


Step 4: Find a solution!

I try to avoid speaking the words problem/problems as much as possible. I prefer to call them ‘challenges’. And for every challenge there’s a solution. Not always an easy one, but for sure there’s at least one step you can take to help improve the situation. Think positive and start at that first step taking you to the solution. Also try to think outside the box (cause that’s where the magic happens) to find a solution for your challenge!


Step 5: Make a plan!

Alright, you have found the cause or trigger that caused your no-flow, and you’ve started taking care of yourself (otherwise you would only feel worse), you’ve talked about your situation and you found a solution. So now that you know what caused the no-flow, you can make sure it’s not happening (or at least not so easily) again. By knowing the situation you were in that didn’t make you feel good, it’s important to anticipate the signs to make sure there won’t be a next time!


Step 6: Take action!

Now you have a better insight and a plan it’s time to take action. Often the solution lies with the trigger that caused the no-flow. For example, you didn’t go to the gym all week and the longer it takes to go again the higher the threshold gets. In the meantime, you feel stupid and bad, which makes you feel even worse about yourself for not having the discipline to go. This way you end up getting even more stuck in the negative spiral. And the risk involved is that it also infects other parts of your life. 


Your healthy eating for example, your work performance, your behavior relative to your family (more irritable), etc…. For short, you’re getting stuck in a negative spiral. You’ve lost your flow and mojo.


So, here’s what you have to do! Implement the previous 5 tips and do what you have to do! Do those things that will make you feel better. If you stop and think about it, you will know what those things are. Go to the gym, eat healthier, get out of bed on time, finish your to do list…. anything. You just have to DO IT (and yes, I’ve been, I know how this can be but promise to take action, okay?). Don’t think about it too much. You can also ask your inner circle to give you that extra push you need to take action.


But there’s only 1 person responsible for taking action over your life…. that’s you!

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You go for it ninja!

You can do this.

Seriously, believe in yourself and you are halfway there.

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xx Ilse

Founder & Coach

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