4 weight loss hacks for busy women

By Ilse de Graaf

Are you a busy mom, professional and/or entrepreneur and just can’t figure out how to be successful concerning your weight loss goals? I’ve been there my friend so I totally get you! In this blog post I’m sharing 4 weight loss hacks with you so after reading this you’ll be a Weight Loss Ninja on a mission!



Schedule your week and make yourself a priority. Remember this: you can’t help others the best you can if you don’t take care of yourself in the best way you can. Whether this means being there for your kids or totally smashing that sales pitch for an important project at work – both will perhaps lead to life-changing results! Check your schedule and see where your life gets super busy so the day before you can meal prep or at least get some healthy snacks from the supermarket to keep you going during your crazy busy day. Also, plan your workouts and make them non-negotiable. Just starting out? Know that planning (and implementing of course) to walk for 30 minutes 3 times a week is a GREAT start. I’m all about baby steps so ANY step towards your goal (even walking 10 minutes a day!) will be the right step for you.

I remember those days when I had a corporate job and was eating out for a business lunch or dinner. Or when I was losing weight I had my own wedding planning business (guess you didn’t know that, right!) and I was on the go with clients and tasting their potential wedding cake.
In this case: be prepared! Bring healthy snacks to work and/or homemade soup and eat it before you have the lunch/dinner appointment. This way you won’t be hungry and therefore you’ll make better choices that will support your weight loss goals.

If you don’t want to or can’t do this, know you will still have the option to CHOOSE. Alllllways.
Whether it’s to make a choice concerning the dish you choose, or if you ask to serve the sauce on the side, or skip the bread basket, or go for an extra walk when your work day is over. Remember that there are many options and decisions you can make. Also, be clever and -here’s the magic word again- PLAN: if you know in which restaurant you’ll have your lunch/dinner: check the menu online the day before and make a decision on what you’ll be eating already so you’ll be prepared!

You don’t have to do it alone. Ask for help! Do you need support from your inner circle, like your partner, a good friend or a nice colleague? Or do you need a big stick policy of, say, a dietician or maybe a personal trainer? We often think asking for help is a bad thing, but really, it isn’t. You’d be smart to do it! You don’t have to go for these successes all by yourself. The point is that you reach your goals, whether you need help with them or not! A little (or a lot) accountability can go a long way! Go for it!

You don’t have to get everything 100% right in one go. That doesn’t work, and you won’t succeed in doing that. You can exhibit total commitment and take responsibility, but don’t confuse it with perfection. Give yourself time to change. You don’t magically transform an unhealthy lifestyle into a healthy one within a week. It takes time, so give yourself that time (being 50 pounds overweight didn’t happen overnight either!).

Look for new habits you can adopt in the long run. Habits are created step by step. Do your best to take as many steps in the right direction as you can. There may be moments when you halt or take a lateral step, or maybe even a step backwards. Learn from it, so you can become stronger and be able to take that step forward next time. Don’t start moping, and definitely don’t say, “You see, I can’t do it.” You can! Be proud of every step & celebrate along the way, even if things aren’t perfect yet. It’s always better than your habit, mindset or behaviour before you started this journey.

I hope these weight loss hacks are helpful for you. Let me know in the comments which of these 4 hacks resonates the most for you.

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Take care ninja,

Talk to you next week!

xx Ilse
Founder & Coach
Weight Loss Ninja