10 Survival Tips For Eating Out Healthy

By Ilse de Graaf

Birthday parties, a drink at work, paying a visit to a family member, a wedding, a day of celebration, eating out… Our life is full of social activities which is amazing! But it’s also a challenge if you’re trying to live and eat healthier, with the primary goal of losing weight.

But no worries ninja, in this blog post I’m sharing 10 great ‘survival tips’ for eating out healthy! So no more excuses next time, deal?! 😉



TIP 1:
A healthy lifestyle doesn’t mean you can’t drink alcohol, eat desserts, or use sauces anymore… Everything revolves around maintaining balance! If you want to lose weight, then you’ll have to make choices. So be prepared. What did the past week look like food and exercise-wise? And what do the upcoming days look like? Make a plan of what you do and don’t want to eat or drink. You don’t have to deny yourself everything, absolutely not. But do make choices.

TIP 2:
If you know where you are going to eat, take a look at the menu on the website of the restaurant and determine what you are going to eat. Use google to your advantage to help you make the right choice suitable to your plans. Maybe they have a ridiculously good dessert which is right up your alley, and so you run or walk an extra lap that afternoon. As for the rest, choose your dishes wisely (think fish, salad or a nice piece of lean meat, like steak).

TIP 3:
During the day, eat more than enough (you should always do that because otherwise, you will binge later in the day). However, you may want to make some lighter choices. Eat a salad in the afternoon instead of sandwiches, or snack on some yummy vegetables and fruits in between, or eat a healthy home-made soup at four o’clock so you’ve already downed a good portion of veggies. Moreover, the soup will fill you so you don’t arrive at the restaurant hungry as a bear.

TIP 4:
Start the day with a good workout! You’ll not only be proud of yourself, but you will also have burned a good number of calories. That helps to stay balanced during the dinner party.

TIP 5:
If your table mates family members, friends or co-workers you have a good relationship with, discuss your plan (see tip 1) with them before you go to the restaurant. This increases your commitment to yourself. Plus, someone else can help you – in a weak moment – to make the right choice. If you are going to have dinner with people you don’t really know, then don’t say anything because these people could interfere, and may not have your best interest at heart (as opposed to the group I just mentioned).

TIP 6:
In most restaurants, they will ask you if you want bread beforehand. Or worse, they don’t even ask and put it in front of you before you know it. Hard to stay away from! My tip: skip the bread (with aioli ;-)!. If your plan doesn’t include bread and you get it automatically, you can always ask them to take it back. Does it fit into your plan? No problem, enjoy (in moderation, of course!).

TIP 7:
Alcohol. Delish and devilish all at the same time!
Tip: be the designated driver or drink at most two glasses of wine (and alternate with water).

TIP 8:
Ask them if they can serve the sauces and dressings separately. Oh, and absolutely don’t feel bad about it. Order what you want and literally say, “I would like to have the sauces and dressings served separately.” (No more, no less, you don’t have to give a reason.) This way, you can portion the sauce yourself! Ideal!

TIP 9:
Drink enough water during the meal. Order a big bottle of mineral water or a decanter of regular water.

TIP 10:
Last but not least… Enjoy!
To top it off: are you in doubt whether to take dessert or not? Think about whether you really want dessert, or if you’ve already received enough enjoyment from the other courses.
If you really want that dessert and it fits into your plan, enjoy it fully or share it with a table mate.

Hope this helps you live your life like a ass kicking Weight Loss Ninja on a mission!

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Have a great week!
xx Ilse

Founder & Coach
Weight Loss Ninja