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I’m a Mindset & Lifestyle Change Expert, a passionate entrepreneur and a proud mom. I teach women who are unhappy with their weight how to change their mindset and reach their weight loss goals with my signature framework, the POWER method.



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I haven’t always looked like this you know. Back in 2014 I was obese (and official yo-yo dieter since 1999, no joke!) and unhappy about the way I looked and felt. Something really had to change because I was sick and tired of all the diet attempts. On January 2nd, 2015 I decided: it was now or never!

There had to be a way to reach my weight loss goals, right?! I decided to play the long run game (because lets be real, all those diets only give you short term results + interest because after a while you’ll be weighing even more then when you started that diet). This time I was going to do it differently so I started working on MYSELF, on my habits, my behaviour, … my MINDSET.

I didn’t only start a weight loss journey but also a personal development journey. And… it WORKED! Within 14 months I lost 55 pounds, made a true lifestyle change and not only did I get myself a brand new wardrobe makeover…I also got a MINDSET MAKEOVER!



So, how can I help you?

The POWER method

My POWER method is a personal development method for women that want to stop dieting and lose the weight they want by making a successful lifestyle & mindset change. Because let’s face it: you don’t need (or want!) another diet, like the ones before that didn’t help you at all.

Diets never gave me long term results, but working on my mindset changed my whole world. So here I am, proudly presenting my own POWER method that I developed after my own weight loss & mindset change journey. I want to be here for you teaching everything I know about the process that made me a better, healthier and happier person. Every letter of the word POWER stands for an important part of your change:

The P stands for Plan
O for Overcome
The W stands for Willpower & Winner’s Mentality
E for Emotion & Energy
And last but not least, the R stands for your Results which you’ll totally get when you follow all the steps!

It’s my passion to help other women like my old self. The difference between my old and new me is huge. Not only physically but also mentally I feel so much better than before and therefore it’s my mission to help other amazing women, like you!


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About You

You’ve got it all figured out: a thriving career, a beautiful home, lovely friends & family, doing the things you love,… but health-wise you’re not where you want to be (yet!). You have tried your umpteenth diet but you’ve given up yet again, and now you weigh more than ever which affects your mental state, a lot.

You know something has to change. You feel you don’t belong in the body you’re in. You recognize your size is holding you back from living Your Best Life. Your weight is literally weighing you down – physically and mentally. The person you want to be is in there – and I will help you reach the healthy & happy you by working on your mindset!

No more crazy diets. Let’s focus on you, your mindset and your behaviour and let the magic happen! You’ve got this. I’ve been there and – this sounds soooo cliche – if I can do this, so can you!



3 secrets on how to get and stay motivated
during your weight loss journey so that you can
reach your goals!

Learn about 3 proven strategies on how to stay motivated
during your weight loss journey, see yourself as a winner again
(instead of a loser after so many diet attempts!) and reprogram
your mind so you’ll be succesful on the long run!

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“The POWER method changed my life! I’m feeling energetic, healthy and absolutely amazing!
I’ve got my life back!”

– Sarah (-25 kg / 55 lbs)

“I feel stronger than ever before, more confident about myself and very proud!
Because of Weight Loss Ninja’s POWER method, I’ve not only achieved my health goals, but because of
the whole mindset shift I’ve been through, I can also be a better business owner! Love it!”

– Kate (-23 kg / 50 lbs)

“To reach your goals you have to persevere and push your limits.
Weight Loss Ninja taught me exactly how to do that!”

– Anna (-30 kg / 66 lbs)

”After all those diets, I discovered the POWER method and from day one I started to feel better about
myself, built up my confidence, started believing in myself again and along the way I achieved all the goals
on my list. I made step by step changes that resulted into a LIFECHANGING
process which made me a better, healthier and happier person! I’m very grateful for that.”

– Caithlin (-18 kg / 40 lbs)

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Giving Back

When you invest in yourself through working with me, you’re also creating meaningful change in the world. Weight Loss Ninja sponsors children for ‘Project Orphans in Uganda’ (Africa) and ‘Bali Children’s Project’ (Indonesia, Asia) to support education of children that could use a little (a lot of!) help. We also send a monthly donation to Solemen Indonesia, a non-profit organisation which helps the disadvantaged in Bali.